February 2, 2010

home sweet home

My flights are booked home!!!!!!!

Even though I was only just at home about 8-9 months ago, I will never ever doubt any decision to return home-whether it be for a holiday or to live. I love home, I love sitting in my house in St Clair and just that feeling of knowing I am in Dunedin, knowing I can drive around the road to see friends, knowing I can text my sisters and see them within 10 minutes and knowing I can just laze by the fire, be with my family, enjoy home cooked dinners and baking....and feel completely at peace.

But this time I am returning to all that, and more.

My Belinda is getting married!!

Along with Sars, Mish and Hails, I have been asked to be bridesmaid. And I know we all agree, it is going to be one very special day.

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