July 18, 2010

John Mayer


John Mayer is pretty much my all time favourite artist. When most people hear this I get petty responses back to do with his love life...thing is, I don't care for his love life or whatever he chooses to do in his spare time. Why I admire him so much is because of his absolutely incredible and amazing guitar pieces, his voice and his live performances. It is in his live performances that his talent and his skills are displayed and clearly evident. He's amazing.

This is just one of my favourites: Bold as love

Please listen to it....or at least scroll through to 2mins 53 secs...its from here you will see his talent on the guitar and you will hear some words that may get you thinking. For those who won't listen, i will post the words below, but trust me....it sounds so much better coming from him rather than reading it on this page. ENJOY.

I've tried every approach to living, I've tried it all. I haven't tried every thing but I've tried every approach. Sometimes you have to try every thing to get the approach the same but.. I tried it all, I bought a bunch of stuff I went 'nah don't like that' I kinda came in and out of that a couple of times. I thought I would shut myself off, I thought maybe thats cool, maybe thats what you have to do to be a genius is you have to be mad so if you can get mad before the word genius then maybe you can make genius appear. Right, that doesn't work either. And, I'm in a good place, I've paced myself pretty well. I'm 30, I've seem some cool stuff, I made a lot of stuff happen for myself-I MADE A LOT OF STUFF HAPPEN FOR MYSELF right. That's a really cool sentence when your in your 20's...I made it happen for myself right. But all that means is that I've just somehow or another found a way to synthesize love or synthesize soothing, you can't get that and what i'm saying is that I've worked best with all the approaches and it going to sound real corny but thats just love, thats just love. I've done everything in my life that I want to do except just give and feel love for my living. And I don't mean like roman candle, fire work, holly wood, hot pink love, I mean like I got your back love. I don't need to hear I love ya, you guys love me, I love you, we got that down.But Some of the people who will tell you they love you will be the last to just have your back. So i'm going to experiment with this love thing, giving love, feeling love. I know it sounds really corny but its the last thing that I got to check out, before I check out.

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