March 20, 2011

Is it spring yet?

Its time to spring clean my life.

Im taking time to think about what I want. Not just out of life, not just out of this year, but on a daily basis.
When I think about what I want, I think about what I'm achieving. And thinking about what i'm achieving makes me assess whether I am achieving it or not.

If I am achieving it, I don't just feel pride, I take notice of what is helping me to get there. What have I done? And WHO in particular has been of support/encouragement. Some things simply cannot be achieved on ones own.

And if i'm not, I look at whats stopping me, or what is holding me back. From here, I work on change, and on elimination.

2011 like any other year,I plan on taking, and running with. I want to look back and feel proud of all I've done and know I've spent my time wisely. I want to end every year, more rounded, more happy and with more achievements (be them small or big) than when the year began.

I'm spring cleaning for the better.
Watch this space.

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