July 6, 2011

June completed

How did my June goals go?

Let me break it down for you.

I planned to cook one new meal a week-I cooked one! I ate out too much and socialised probably even more. Some nights I ate crackers, and one night I even skipped dinner because I ate too much cake at school. Whoops.
I planned to train for a 10km run. I did! And then injury struck. Too much, too soon? Probably should have gone to the chiropractor/osteopath first and/or bought new running shoes.
I planned to share one photo a week. I did this also only once. I've realised my camera is another time intensive hobbie. (I love it none the less for this.)
I planned to start a rock climbing course. Well I did the starter course (which I loved!) and will do the beginner course after summer holidays. Success!
I planned to do a training day to be able to mentor students with Autism. Pretty disappointed with this as to be able to become a mentor, I must first work on a week long camp. Not sure where/how I will find the time to do this.

So what have I done this month?
I've learnt this month, that in a year I can achieve much, however the months are the moments where the baby steps, and probably the most important steps, are taking place. It is during the months that we work towards whatever it is we set out to do. Some months we come along in leaps and bounds, other months our day to day lives take over, whether that be working, exercising, socialising, sleeping, cleaning, etc etc. But at the end of the year, none of this matters...as long as those steps have been gradually taken over the year, we will feel some kind of satisfication, some sense of accomplishment.

So....during June, whilst I haven't ticked all of the above boxes, I have discovered, that life happens. Whether we want it to or not. Things happen to us, around us, inside us. Ticking the boxes, whilst making us feel good about ourselves, is not as important as having installed inside of us, a deep rooted individual sense of happiness. I don't think this kind of happiness comes from achieving the massive achievements. I'm not denying these feel good or bring happiness, because my word they do! But whats more important, is enjoying the happiness that is in our world on a more frequent basis. The first coffee of the day (my one true love), the sun shining when the forecast was rain, laughing with friends, a sweet treat left on your desk, a night in on the couch, appreciating the sound of a voice on a phone or seeing a loved ones email in your inbox.

These goals will remain on my list, and I know that come Dec 31 this year, each will have a variety of ticks and successes beside it.
During June, I didn't really achieve all I set out to do, but I did reignite the deep sense of happiness with life which I have always had.
And I've remembered, that this is what makes me, truly happy.

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