August 12, 2011

For all my friends, where ever you may be

Awww reading my besties blog about friends living all over the world really sent shivers through my heart. I know the feelings she described all too well...emails, and facebook are great, skype is AMAZING, but there is nothing that beats laughing, chatting, crying, over coffee, vinos and baking. Old friends know everything, words don't even need to be exchanged and they already know how you feel. Oh, And one of the best things, the hugs. The hugs, the hugs, the hugs.

We all live all over the world now, and whilst I would give anything to have us all in one place together, theres something incredibly special about the reunions we have but also about the fact that these friendships have now spanned not only oceans but years and years.

Bee: here' s a wee memory just for you. I love you and miss you dearly xxxxx

(oh and did you realise we have now officially been friends for over 20 years.....20 years!!!)

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  1. Liv I just read this again! SO love that picture!! And oh my goodness where did those 20 years go?!? OUT-RAGE-OUS!!!! Oh it would be amazing if we could celebrate our 30ths together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox