August 12, 2011

Some tips for unprepared campers

1. Lilos make quite satisfactory beds.

2. Fellow campers often have useful tools such as bottle openers and hammers.

3. Best phone ahead to check if camping grounds hire out tents.

4. If the response to the above is negative, opt not to buy the cheapest tent which is also on sale (very likely to break).

5. In emergency lack of heating situations, human body heat works a treat.

6. Oyster cards may prove to work as a knife.

7. Forks make decent spoons.

8. Hand sanitizer is a must.

9. Firestarters are a must when using the bbq. Plastic plates also make a good fan to speed up the process.

10. A positive outlook and 'can do' attitude will get you through any mishaps along the way.

(and its all worth it in the end).

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