November 13, 2011

People making the best days

Yesterday 4 of my dearest friends took me out for a birthday treat. We sat in a plush venue and sipped vino. We chatted, laughed and listened and I just relished being in their company. For not only do they make me happy and smile, not only are they such cherished friends, and not only does just thinking of our friendship really warm my heart, but they are some of the best types of humans you will ever meet.

They really are.

And I am so lucky to be connected so tightly to them, and to so many other amazing humans in my life.

For in order to make
every day the best day, these are exactly the humans that one must surround oneself with. If each day is to be a gift, then those people who you choose to be in your day should offer the most positive presence.

And these girls....they really do.

I felt overwhelmed by their gifts yesterday (I can't wait to get experimenting with my Diana F camera, and creating some 'dreamy' images, or swirling on the d-floor in my HOT new black version of the Louisa dress) however as horribly corny as this is going to sound....their friendship is the most valuable and most treasured gift ever.

Thankyou my girls. And thankyou all you humans who are in my life, and make it possible to have so many best days.

I love life, but I wouldn't love it anywhere near as much without you in it.

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