February 12, 2012

Fairly deep for a lazy Sunday!

I've had to do a lot of soul searching recently, not that I'm one to hide away from this, but I think more so than ever, I've had to look quite deeply and intently at some of my own actions, and I guess reactions. I really don't feel this to be a bad thing however, and I really feel that in every aspect of life one should be reflective. Reflection gives us the power to learn things and move on in whichever direction for the better. Once one stops being reflective, I believe one comes to a stand still and loses the ability to make the most of all that is put in front of us. And even more so, we cease to see those opportunities that may be partially obscured. Often these are the best opportunities too, the ones we could have just missed had it not been for the fact that our eyes were open and our minds were aware.

This soul searching and this reflection is far from over, and those who know me well will know that I tend to be in this state fairly regularly, simply because I am a thinker! I am in the process of enrolling in a self-development course through Landmark Education. My friend Tracey is an avid believer in it, and Thomas and I went to an introduction evening a while back and I have felt it tugging at the corners of my mind ever since. I will be filling you in on how it goes afterwards but I am so looking forward to discovering and enlightening myself further.

Anyway-I have some of the most amaaaaaaazing amazing people in my life. The people who sit and listen, who think, speak, care, question and sometimes are (slightly!) cruel to be kind. These people mean the world. The people who allow us to be ourselves, allow us to make mistakes and help us to learn from them, and who love us regardless of any flaws. I like to think I can offer these qualities back in my relationships with others, and I sure do try to!

I'm allowing myself to ride this experience and learn from it. Life after all, is about learning, and its about choosing to live that extraordinary life.

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