February 23, 2012

Pre Landmark

Tomorrow is the first day of my Landmark Education course and I just couldn't let this moment pass by without writing about it. I just have this sneaky suspicion that its going to have quite the impact on my life and the decisions I make.

Its hard for me to even describe what exactly 'Landmark' is, or what I will be doing.... but I've found this paragraph that sums it up nicely:

The Landmark Forum provides a breakthrough in the technology of living powerfully, living effectively, living an extraordinary life. It is a penetrating, challenging, and practical inquiry into the issues at the heart of our lives- communication, relationships, happiness and satisfaction. It results in an extraordinary advantage in performance, creativity and self-expression. In the Landmark Forum, you break through the confines of even the best of conventional modes o thinking; you are able to leave the past in the past, to step beyond the limits of your identity, and to move into a future mapped by what is possible. Breakthroughs, instead of being random or inexplicable accidents, become something you cause to happen.

Incredible right?!

I'm feeling such a range of emotions for such a variety of reasons.
Anxiety, excitement, fear....butterflies, butterflies, butterflies.

I dare say the next 3 and 1/2 days will be amongst the toughest mentally that I could experience. It shall be worth it though.

I just know it.


  1. All the best Liv! I hope it is everything you hope it will be!! LOVE X

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about it! Enjoy!