September 23, 2012

August 26, 2012

Home again.

I've just been home. Ah. Sigh.

Was amazing. Truly amazing.

Being able to reconnect with people but also to just sit and talk face to face - its such a different experience than skyping, emailing, whatsapping and all the various forms of communication there are in the world of today. I love these forms of communication. But theres a different place you can reach when you are sitting in front of someone.

For me, what I loved, was for just a moment, being a daily and very regular part of peoples lives. Being in someones life, really in it.

The HC's (hot chocolates) in pyjamas on the couch.
The offer of vege crisps as an after dinner treat (?!).

The school drop offs, pick ups, trips to ballet, judo etc etc.
The sleeping patterns of babies....including late night wake ups.
The getting organised for any trip from the house - be it big or small.
The banter, the teasing, the laughter.
The bubba kisses and cuddles and new games - like throwing puzzle pieces instead of putting it together.
The being yourself, your ridiculous self.
The treats, especially pick and mix licorice :)
The lazing in robes with wines.

The camera timer shots.
The walks through parks with rugby balls, admiring and pointing out the flowers.
The laughs, the crazy crazy and most ludicrous laughter.
The meals and conversations at the family table.
The play dates.
The being with friends.
The having so much to catch up on and enjoying every single second.
The walks to the beach.
The family photos.
The home baking.
The daycare drop off and pick ups.
The 'Whoopsie' moments, the new words being spoken from a bubba (still no Livi though!).
The guarantee of bumping into someone at the beach. This was particularly nice.

The coffees and the wines, and the many words shared over these.
The sitting around in the evening in front of the fire.
The short drive to get to any one friends house.
The knowledge that you can be vulnerable for just one moment - and it will all be okay.

So many moments, and I truly felt I was present each and every day of my trip. Present and appreciating all I had around me.
The goodbyes were ever so hard. But I've not yet decided whether I've forgotton how hard it was last time...or  if it really was just harder this time. 

One things for sure though.
The people in my life are the best thing ever. Best.

And so I say again. Thankyou to each and everyone of you who played a part in my trip, be it big or small. My heart is truly warmed with every moment I had with each and every one of you.