May 29, 2011


Charlotte just sent me some pics of my newest nephew Jackson. Among them were these delicious candid shots.

And then this popped up and I just had to share. Love my brother in law, he is so special.

May 16, 2011

Its finally finished!

I'm a little bit chuffed with my latest creation so thought I would share it with those who are interested....after saying to Marli for far too many weeks - "I promise it will be finished this weekend!" and after trying and failing to down load their song through so many different avenues I had to turn to my trusty friend Charles to sort it out....but it is finally finished! Its Marli and Johns 'Save the date' video, and just watching it gives me goose bumps because I just WISH I could fly home for their wedding.

And in case you are wondering about the song choice, John is a proud Welsh man and Stereophonics as it turns out are from Wales. Love it.

And love you guys xxx

(Wee tip for those viewing it, watch it as the small screen version on this page as when you enlarge it, it distorts the photos. If you want to see the big version with undistorted photos then click through to this link:)

May 8, 2011

Sneak peak

Ah the South of France....the people were friendly, the baguettes were deliciously fresh, the wine was ridiculously cheap, a place to indulge, and indulge we did!

We drove through the countryside, passing vineyard, after vineyard, after vineyard. We wandered through cute little streets, passing far too many places that we would like to dine in then time would allow. We drove along the coast, stopping at the first viewing point, only to discover there were viewing points around every other corner... the view from the winding mountainous road over the coast was breathtaking. The rain serenaded us on day 1 but the sun shone every day after this. We sat on beaches, lay on beaches, read on beaches, ate and drunk on beaches, laughed and talked on beaches, then indulged some more.

A holiday to refresh spirits, clear the mind and just enjoy time with some beautiful human beings.

Another proud Welcome to the World....

Jackson Huw Davies

Born 2 May 2011

Congratulations Lottie and Gaz!
Wish I was in Sydney for cuddles but loved meeting him on Skype.

Big big cuddles from Aunty Livi xxxxx