June 24, 2011

Injury time

As I type I have an ice pack on my hip and have just popped a few heavy duty anti-inflammataries.

This morning I would have told you that my running training was going splendidly. My good friends Cookie and Dottie wrote me an amazing (and incredibly challenging) running programme which I have been adhering too quite strictly. I can run for 40 minutes and stop and get my breath back within about 30 seconds, and in fact last week I accidentally ran nearly 10km. Hmmmm but something has gone wrong. As of today I am nursing a hip strain. Positive thinking..tomorrow it will be magically gone....(extreme positive thinking I know).

The thing that annoys me is, it is my body that lets me down, not my fitness. I'm 28 years young and after years of sport, and much pavement pounding (I have previously run a half marathon), I feel like my body has creaks and cracks and I'm not sure how to fix them. It is deeply infuriating as there is really is something I just love about running the streets. Its the fresh air, the sun beaming down, the time to drift in and out of songs and thoughts and being hit with that runners high afterwards.

Alas, I am not hanging up my running shoes just yet. Tomorrow I will rest, and Sunday I will try again. And tonight, 3hours till I can take my next pill...

June 19, 2011

London in photos

It was a deliciously sunny evening last Tuesday and I couldn't bare the thought of sitting indoors so I took myself and my camera for a wander through Primrose hill and along the canals to Camden, some of my favourite parts of London. The canal lent itself to some good shots, but I am realising more and more that I really need to put some good reading time in to learning how to get the most from this camera and maybe even think about doing a course.

Anyway here is one of my favourites....I just love the colours and the reflections on the water.

Heres another quite interesting one. Its taken looking through the bridge, that guy in the left of it was arguing with someone across the canal. Had I not been so intent on getting my shot I would have tried to figure out what the argument was all about, but for now we can only imagine! (Canal turf wars maybe?!)

June 7, 2011

June massive

June is going to be incredible for me, I can just feel it.

I've set myself some wee goals, and am feeling full of motivation to achieve them.

1. Train to run a 10km race on 10 July (in under an hour might I add, I don't want to just finish it!)

2. Cook one new dish a week

3. Start a rock climbing course (my new found interest since school camp!)

4. Share a photo of the week ...

5. Take part in training course to become a mentor for students with Autism.

Will keep you posted on my progress :)