October 28, 2010

fear of fish

I opened my mail today and out slipped two tickets to this event...

No attached notes, no indication of who they are from, nothing.

Ummm is this some kind of sick joke?!

I do fear this
, and nothing Rick Stein says or does will change this.

October 24, 2010

big red ticks

I just looked back on my list of 'things to do' and am immensely happy to be able to tick a few off.

Number 7 : Finish my Postgraduate Diploma of Education - Done

Number 17 : Make a Pavlova - Done

Number 20 : Learn how to crochet/knit my own hats is not yet done, but am well on the way. Have nearrrrrrly finished my scarf. Its as tall as I and growing! Hat has been started but will be completed next.

Now to think about what else to add to my list.....

Dislike: Far away friends

Like: ReunionsTake 1

Take 2

Take 3

October 17, 2010

Still to do

I told someone today that top of my 'to do' list is to hold a monkey.

Their response:

"I can make that happen."

Why can't life always be this simple?

October 16, 2010


Major events have been unfolding around me of late.

Congratulations Mr Gareth and Mrs Charlotte Davies. Oooooh it feels so odd to call my wee sister a Mrs! Beautiful wedding and amazing scenary for the photos. Charlotte looked like a mermaid except much much more glamerous. It was a spectacular day.

I am becoming aunty again...twice over! Georgie is due on Feb 4 (I am crossing all fingers and toes that I get to meet the wee one before I fly out of NZ on Feb 7!). Charlotte is due April. Big year for the Weavers!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Greig! And welcome to the world wee Ryder Patrick. I can't wait to meet you in Feb!

My bestie Bee & Shaun are due for their 2nd wee one in Jan. Fingers are crossed again that I will be there to meet this little one and also give Claudia a massive squeeze as she is the most scrumptious little girl ever.

Its 103 sleeps till I am reunited with my bestie Becs. I am excited beyond imagination.
Its 105 sleeps till she will become Mrs Gulliver. I will be so proud to be by her side.

Charles rang me on Thursday because 'he had something really exciting that he just had to share with someone' so naturally the thoughts of marriage and babies went through my mind. Congratulations Charles on your new Iphone 4. I hope it brings you great happiness.

Me. I have 30 new year 4 students. Hard work, I repeat myself like a parrot all day and have to put up with comments such as, 'Miss Weaver, your hair looks messy today' but still I would not trade in my job for the world. I love it.
Plus I have finished my Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching after 3 years of cramming study into my life around work and travel. So so pleased to have done it but so so pleased that its all done.
I am still crocheting. My scarf is nearly complete and as I get nearer and nearer to the end I am finding it more and more difficult to put down my crochet hook.

Life is good. Let us celebrate the majors and the minors.

July 18, 2010

John Mayer


John Mayer is pretty much my all time favourite artist. When most people hear this I get petty responses back to do with his love life...thing is, I don't care for his love life or whatever he chooses to do in his spare time. Why I admire him so much is because of his absolutely incredible and amazing guitar pieces, his voice and his live performances. It is in his live performances that his talent and his skills are displayed and clearly evident. He's amazing.

This is just one of my favourites: Bold as love

Please listen to it....or at least scroll through to 2mins 53 secs...its from here you will see his talent on the guitar and you will hear some words that may get you thinking. For those who won't listen, i will post the words below, but trust me....it sounds so much better coming from him rather than reading it on this page. ENJOY.

I've tried every approach to living, I've tried it all. I haven't tried every thing but I've tried every approach. Sometimes you have to try every thing to get the approach the same but.. I tried it all, I bought a bunch of stuff I went 'nah don't like that' I kinda came in and out of that a couple of times. I thought I would shut myself off, I thought maybe thats cool, maybe thats what you have to do to be a genius is you have to be mad so if you can get mad before the word genius then maybe you can make genius appear. Right, that doesn't work either. And, I'm in a good place, I've paced myself pretty well. I'm 30, I've seem some cool stuff, I made a lot of stuff happen for myself-I MADE A LOT OF STUFF HAPPEN FOR MYSELF right. That's a really cool sentence when your in your 20's...I made it happen for myself right. But all that means is that I've just somehow or another found a way to synthesize love or synthesize soothing, you can't get that and what i'm saying is that I've worked best with all the approaches and it going to sound real corny but thats just love, thats just love. I've done everything in my life that I want to do except just give and feel love for my living. And I don't mean like roman candle, fire work, holly wood, hot pink love, I mean like I got your back love. I don't need to hear I love ya, you guys love me, I love you, we got that down.But Some of the people who will tell you they love you will be the last to just have your back. So i'm going to experiment with this love thing, giving love, feeling love. I know it sounds really corny but its the last thing that I got to check out, before I check out.

July 13, 2010

121,000 steps

I don't quite know how to explain the Relay for Life.

In one sense it was bizarre....we arrived at the venue to our marquee set up entailing signage that read 'VIP Team of Honour' and consequently fielded questions as to why we were the team of honour (slight let down for them when they find out it was because we were drawn out of a hat...).

The VIP tent meant we had champagne...

and 11 pizzas for 11 girls (dont worry we gave half of them away)...

But also bizarre...planning my day around the half hour walking slots. It was the hottest day of summer so far, so walking round and round that track was a somewhat sweltering experience, but popping next door (or next marquee) to the Indian food stall for a half hour shift straight from the track, really tops the sweltering stakes.

After this, we had an hour and a half off. This involved eating, drinking, bathrooming, indulging in the odd foot spa (also courtesy of the VIP tent) and some idol chat. Before we knew it, it was time to flip of the sandles and don the runners (or walkers) again. The day flew!

In another sense, the event was extremely......(lack of words here to describe)......moving, emotional, symbolic of suffering but also symbolic of hope.

Come darkness was the candle of hope ceremony. Encircling the track and positioned in the stands in the shape of the word HOPE were candle bags, most dedicated to someone lost to the cancer struggle. Walking the track as these were being placed was tear jerking enough. Add on gospel singers with the most glorious voices, moving poems and light from the candle bags being the only thing guiding our way.....emotions were high, and the affects of cancer on EVERYONE present was apparent. It was a truly moving experience, one to remember loved ones lost, but one to also remind us of our battle against this disease TOGETHER. With 2 beaut friends on either side of me, I felt overwhelmed at the losses myself, my friends in my team, and others around us have experienced, but also overcome with gratuity.....how lucky am I to have friends as these.

Upon the closure of the candle of hope ceremony, we embarked on our one hour shifts on the track. Other than the track walkers, there was a hive of activity around us, most apparent was the football game taking place in the middle of the track. The lights were on, and if you used your imagination really well, it kind of felt as though you were at a major sporting event....yip, that was if your imagination was as vivid as mine.

So my next walking shift was from 11-12pm. One hour FLIES when you are just enjoying the company you are in! My next shift was 4-5pm. I had to be woken for this one and didn't wake up till I had left the tent and walked 10ometres or so, this was not a fun experience. At our marquee site most of the girls were trying to get a little sleeping, some sitting up right on couches, others on the floor, the lucky ones on the airbed. I think the average amount of sleep for our team was about 2 hours??? Very tired girls come 10am which equaled finish time, but very very happy to have succeeded in our mission to stay on the track for 22 hours straight.

So 121,000 steps later we are finished (according to the pedometer). The majority of our fundraising is complete and I can tick this off my list of things which I hoped to achieve this year.

The battle against cancer however is far from complete, and instead of feeling as though I will never participate in another relay for life team again as I had thought I would feel (purely because of the workload involved in fundraising), I am wishing and wondering if there is anything more which could be possibly done....and I wonder if somewhere, some place, there is a part that I could play again.

July 12, 2010

Lets get physical

Old school sports day began with plenty of equipment

A ref...

Then really kicked off with the egg and spoon race....

Then we got into some stretches...

Next up sack races
Pity the rubbish sacks didn't quite last the distance...

Next event- wheelbarrow races

Followed by the gumboot throw (apparently the grunt makes the boot go further?)

Next was the hoola hoop comp

After which we entered into one round of tug of war...

Before our rope broke...

Then we moved onto 3 legged races

And more spills...

Handstand comp...

And then the event which really displayed the boys competitiveness...relays (unfortunately no photographic evidence).

To finish off: we raised over 400 pounds for Cancer Research UK

And there was plenty of laughs, and spills along the way.

All up, a pretty successful day I'd say.

June 29, 2010

oh how I love summer in London

Last Wednesday someone asked me what my plans for the weekend were, my reply was something along the lines of my mind being so preoccupied with the stress associated with observations and inspectors that week, that I had not had a moment or even the interest to think about the weekend. So with that in mind, heres how the past weekend developed..

Friday night.. we headed along to Hyde Park to sit in the sun outside Hard Rock Calling, and enjoy the sweet sounds of Ben Harper (Bee you were on my mind!!) and Pearl Jam. Well....how this all changed when we were all offered free tickets (the lady very nearly took them back when she saw the questioning look in our eyes) .. Right place right time! So we downed our drinks, ate our food and proceeded through the gates...all be it somewhat hesitantly, I mean....was this seriously for real? Well, the atmosphere was unreal, festival like....happy people everywhere, the happiest of all? Probably us. Even though I'm not a Pearl Jam fan, I could definitely appreciate the talent and appreciate how much everyone around me was in awe of him. AND the fact that there were plenty more outside the gates, who would love to be in my position.Next up, Saturday....we decided to head down to Wimbledon and chance our luck at getting in there. Well after 2 hours and 15 minutes, and a massive feat by me, the lady of no lines, we were in. And well...what an event. A definitely different fan base than the football I've been glued to recently. Such a spectacle, and just thinking to myself, 'I'm at Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis event in the world...and little old me from the other side of the world is here.' We were even offered (yes, offered!) tickets to centre court, but we passed them on to our good friends who love tennis a great deal more than I. It was only fair, and i'm sure my time will come!

This is Lindsey Davenport (for those of you who don't know) ex Wimbledon winner.

Summer in London is here, and now I remember why I love London so much.

June 20, 2010


I'm so sick of people writing off the All Whites without giving them a chance. Yes the odds are against them but isn't this pressure creating diamonds! (quote courtesy of Leah) I heard the commentary this morning during an earlier game, and I believe the words were along the lines of, 'Italy will beat NZ this afternoon.' The game was amazing, the atmosphere in the room was INTENSE, we were literally sitting on the edges of our seats, and that goal that NZ scored.....complete exhilaration. We scored against the winners of the last world cup. Can't wait to read the headlines tomorrow. Bet they wont be predicting a loss against our next game Uraguay on Thursday.

Another diamond. A friend who will know who he is when he reads this. He comes along to our poker nights every week without fail. He manned the bucket at our Ascot after party last night, even had it out on the street. Then he made sure it got home safely. But apart from his support of our relay team...he is quite simply a diamond of a friend. Hes that friend that you would call should you only have one call left and you would trust your life in his hands. Hes reliable and in the words of others: dependable, informative, witty, 'study as a rock' and his enthusiasm is infectious. Someone said they have never seen him angry and come to think of it....neither have I! Such a diamond (and a pretty good basketball player too).

We raised 400 pounds through our Ascot after party last night. Such a good effort by some of the girls who did all the organising, and promoting, and means we are now nearly up to 600 pounds in total, well on the way to our 1000 pound target. So pleased. So so pleased.

June 13, 2010

Relay for Life

The countdown to the Relay for Life is on.

On July 10-11, our team will be walking around a track for 22 hours.
At all times at least 2 of us must be on the track, so during the day we will be enjoying the sun, the people, the stalls, the bands and other activities, and by night we will be waking each other up from our tents...to walk the track.
All in aid of Cancer research and awareness.

We have organised 2 fundraising events.
The first this weekend is an Ascot After Party. Our venue holds 120 and we are getting buses coming back from the races to stop first at our venue......should be a great reunion of Kiwis!
The second is in the first weekend of July and is an Old School Sports Day. We are dressing up in old school sports gear (the pink and black striped unitard will come out!) and organising people into teams to compete in lots of fun events including sack races and egg and spoon races. Shall be fun!

I am completely blown away by the support from my team. Taking on this event has proved a challenge and coming back from NZ I felt slightly overwhelmed at the fundraising and rallying people along that lay ahead.....our goal is to raise 1000 pounds. But upon getting the ball rolling, some of the other team members have completely stepped up and taken on the challenge of creating awesomely fun events that will get others involved. Such good friends. And superb team mates.

Each week we are also running poker evenings at our flat...a percentage of the money going to the 1st and 2nd place winners and another percentage to our fundraising venture.

So now fingers and toes are crossed that our events go off without a hitch, people have a great time and most importantly we raise some good money for an extremely good cause.

For those of you in the UK, you can help support our team by making a contribution on our fundraising page.


June 12, 2010

new things

I imagine that in years to come when people ask me how my life was in London my reply will be "Busy...crazy busy" however in all reality, I will probably forget the busy and only remember the fun.
So this busy, its meant less time to communicate with all those people I love to communicate so often and so much with. So heres me, outlining the main events over the past month or so since I have been back from NZ.

Flights are booked- back to Sydney for Charlotte & Gareths wedding. AND I am stopping for a few nights in Brisbane to see Matt, Becssss and the kids. I can't wait. I haven't seen them since I stopped there on my way back to Korea. And that is far too long ago.
Summer plans- me, Kelly and Monique are flying to Bulgaria. We are tripping around the beaches there where there are apparently cocktails on the beach for 2 euro and soaking up the sunshine. Charles will join us there! Then the 4 of us are training/busing and whatever other means of transporting we can find...ourselves to Croatia where we will board our boat for the week. Sailing around the islands by day, pulling up to land by night. More sunshine soaking and I imagine plenty more cocktails.

Study....plodding along. I just got an A and feel more motivated now to continue but its so darn hard!!! Especially on top of school and life.

I baked a carrot cake!!!! It was a special someones birthday and carrot cake was the request. So I was busy using google to find the best recipe and remembered Maree giving me her amazing recipe when I was back home. So away I went......unfortunately it didn't rise so wonderfully but with some creative and inventive cutting and folding and icing, I had a delicious two tier carrot cake. And it was delicious! (Not in competition with yours though Maree!)

School is school. I still love my class but having had a student teacher for the past 5 weeks, I have had to hand over a lot of control and a substantial part of my heart. You would think having had this extra help school would be a breeze? Um no. Reports, Planning, Observations (both me doing the observations and being observed) covering other classes and teaches. Yip, no, not a breeze.

London Rugby Sevens. Sunshine, Beer, good quality rugby and a pirates costume. What more could be asked for. Fantastic day.

Football world cup. Possibly in NZ you could be excused from ignoring the hype, but here.....its a must to know and a must to be enthused. I'm supporting NZ of course but after discussion with Nic and Kerrys family, I am aligning myself also with England (for obvious reasons). First game for me to view is tonight. Come on England!!

I'm still playing touch rugby and netball. Loving the touch (possibly because my team is awesome) but not so much the netball (possibly for the opposite reason of why I love touch). Both good for the exercise and being outside on these beautiful summer evenings.

Apart from these majors, life is the same. And I love it.

May 3, 2010

lucky me

I'm going back to school tomorrow after being away for a month.

I remember when I first told my class I was going back to NZ, they were quite concerned about the possibility of me not coming back. Very cute, but I assured them I would be back.

Anyway I have a student teacher in my class and I was in touch with her today. I had been somewhat concerned about her starting off her final placement without yours truly present. But it seems she has enjoyed the chance to get to know the class, she thinks they are lovely (and she is not at all wrong there!) and said they are excited to have me back tomorrow. Truth is...I am so excited to see them too!!! And even when she let me know that I can take it easy tomorrow, spend time getting re-organised etc as she is teaching most of the day....I felt somewhat sad about not having that time with my class!

So im in two minds about my first day back tomorrow....
Im so happy to go back and see my amazing class
and Im actually a little bit sad to be partly handing over the reigns.

I must be the luckiest person in the world to love my job, or my class in this case, so much!

April 28, 2010

more Hagwells

Look at this gorgeous line up!

I know I have already written about how wonderful the HagWells wedding was but I simply can't resist sharing this photo. I feel like it has captured the day just perfectly.

The bride and groom, immensely happy!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen chuffed to be by their side.

NZ scenary-amazing.

Such a perfect day.
Now I wonder who is next.....?!

April 21, 2010

One News

Lots of people have been asking me what I am doing with my time now that I suddenly have plenty of it up my sleeve. Truth is, I am spending my days waiting for news broadcasts, scanning the internet, and searching google for updates on Heathrow. I know exactly what is happening with the airports in most parts of Europe, how much it has cost the airlines and even how long this volcano erupted for last time. The one thing I don't know, is how much more this volcano will have an affect on my travels.

Today I had this conversation on skype after I had admitted what I had been doing for that past couple of days:

Livi: Sorry can I call you back in 10 minutes?

Cookie: Why...? Are you going to watch the news?

Livi: (sheepishly) Yes...

Cookie: (chuckling) You do know theres news on the internet aye?

Livi: Yes, but I just trust it more when I hear it.

And I do trust One News, all be it a bit too much?! I trust that what I am hearing is the most accurate and up to date information that they could broadcast. It makes more sense to me even then reading the BBC website which is really at the hub of all this commotion. But as soon as I mention how much I trust them, I realise how vulnerable that makes me....how can one have that much trust in the media?!

I have also been getting up early and switching on the Breakfast show (this morning my alarm when off at 6.45am). But I can't pretend thats just to do with the volcano...I love Paul Henry. He makes me laugh. And that's just what I need at the moment!

April 19, 2010

Hagwells . . .

These are the favours from the Hagwells wedding.
Not only are they scrumptiously cute but they are deliciously tasty too.
And they symbolise one of the most amazing days ever.


Being my best friends head bridesmaid - an incredible honour.

I heart the Hagwells. So much! And am so incredibly happy for them.

The lead up...the hens party, getting ready with some of my bestest friends-prettied up by the make up artist and hairdresser, painting each others nails, having a wee wine to relieve the nerves, the range of emotions, excitement, butterflies, the sunshine and the arrival of Baby Hag (the cutest thing ever) plus seeing Bee in her wedding dress and the look on her face - she looked so ready for this day and moment.

Spending time with so many wonderful people and getting to know the people in the Hagwells life.

Traveling around the world doesn't have many downfalls (except when volcanoes erupt) but it does mean missing out on some things.....now I know names and faces, and not only that, I feel a part of the Hagwells life so much more.

This trip home has been overwhelmingly special, in so many ways.

April 18, 2010

The irony of it all

I arrived in NZ exactly 2 weeks ago today and found it quite ironic that despite the sleeping problems I have 90% of the week.....put me on a long haul flight, and I sleep like a baby. 

I am now also thinking about how ironic it is that I was admiring mother nature on my flight home. The sunset was incredible, and the clouds looked so fluffy and like something I could rest my head on or bounce along. Now mother nature in the form of a volcano is stopping me from resuming my life in London. Possibly for another 2 weeks.

How Ironic. 

March 26, 2010

I feel sick

I really feel sick!!!

Charles has somehow got me involved in a offer from Cam for a free bungy jump-the Nevis no less, and at 134 metres (including 8.5 seconds of free fall) its the highest in NZ.

Yip I feel completely sick every time I think about it.

But because Im not one to back down from a challenge and because I want to prove these boys wrong, if transport and time co-operates, it looks like I will be throwing myself off a platform (literally) in about 2 weeks time.

I don't think I have ever dreaded a moment as much as I will be dreading this.

March 21, 2010

This is Borris

My coworkers think I have a secret crush on him. However Kelly brought his book-her crush is not so secret. I'm still working on him coming into school...

My List

I began this list after I left Korea and I like to call it a 'fluid' list. Things come on, things come off....I am happy as long as there is always a list, be it small or large, for what is life if we are not striving for something?

Here goes....

1. Watch a live All Blacks game (tick, x3)
2. Hold a monkey
3. Own a house near the beach. or a mini farm. Sand or fields, I dont mind.
4. Get married
5. Have children
6. Volunteer in Africa
7. Finish my Postgraduate Diploma of Education
8. Travel through South America
9. Learn to cook
10. Have my own vegie garden
11. Compete in a duathlon
12. Bungy jump-tandem only
13. Listen to live saxophone music
14. Own a big white fluffy dog
15. Read the bible from start to finish
16. Fall in love
17. Make a pavlova
18. Do a jungle safari
19. Go cross country skiing (again)
20. Learn to crochet/knit my own hats
21. Run another half marathon and this time under 2 hours
22. Join the police force

March 7, 2010

A not so simple life

This has been a week of extremes!!!!!

School has bought tears, many tears.

How hard is that situation when you are doing all you can for the benefit of the child, yet for the fault of others above you, the parents cannot see the good they can only see the lack of paperwork which was not completed, by that person above you. We are bought up to respect our elders, and the person above me in this situation was one which I so greatly respected. So was I to point out to the parents and to the head teacher that he was in fact to blame? or was I to sit and foot the blame myself? Turns out I took the blame for months but the penny has finally dropped and I am in the clear. Still, should I have said something earlier? Instead of waiting for time to bring about the truth, instead of enduring nasty notes, and being scalded as if I was a child. Im still not sure.

Also I was bought to tears. I won't go into details but I will say that that golden rule, 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' will never grow out of fashion. And in my books, its number 1.

BUT! I met Boris Johnson! He is so witty, and so intelligant. And I have been buzzing all week since that moment! Kelly, Charles and I went to 'Question Time', it only happens twice a year, and the mayor and other politicians answer questions from the public about controversial issues. These issues included crime, the Olympics, transport, the environment etc etc. Did you know that London is actually safer than Amsterdam or Paris? I really wanted to meet Boris but seems so did everyone else there so we ended up leaving without getting a chance, but then who gets on the same tube as us?! Boris and about 7 other politicians. This was my moment!!! I politely introduced myself and asked him to be the prime minister of NZ. Himself and the other politicians found this greatly amusing and this led onto a conversation about Lord of the rings and Flight of the Concords. He was very friendly as were the other politicians. My class and I are going to write to him and lets hope he will come into school to see us!

The other great thing that happened this week was the most positive response I got from friends and other people wanting to be involved in the Relay for Life which I am entering a team into on 10 July. I won't go into details about this now but I am so happy that so many people are keen to join me on what I think will be a really moving experience, and all for such a worthwhile cause. I really feel overwhelmed with happiness at the responses I have received so far.

So thats my week. And thats just the majors. Including all the minors, one of them being parent teacher interviews, I am so happy that it is nearly over.

Lets hope this week is a little more simple. Simple would be just fine this week please.

February 27, 2010

I call NZ home

Dunedin to be precise. St Clair to be even more exact. And I think NZ is truly beautiful. But I can appreciate the beauty of other places. And look at this beach in England.

Have you ever seen snow on the beach? Absolutely incredible.

I don't like winter. But I do like snow. And I love snow boarding. And sometimes when its cold and windy but the sun is out, theres that crisp feeling in the air and you can wear woolly hats...winter really feels quite lovely. Especially when you can go inside by the fire with a hot drink. Maybe I do like winter after all?

February 19, 2010

what a mighty good man!

Nelson Mandela-what a man!!!
I went to Invictus during the week. Was horrible to relive the Rugby World Cup loss to South Africa in 2005! But I feel it is always a good thing to be reminded of people that have done awe inspiring things, in spite of all odds against them, to make life better for others.

Im not sure how much of what the movie depicted was true but im certain that Mandelas character was based on the qualities he represents. And what a man!

To have had such hardship imposed on him for believing and fighting for a free society in which people of all races and colours live together peacefully... And from what I saw, I believe that his plan to bring the issues of white domination to light did not involve hurting or killing other people...rather as a last resort because the non-violent protests he had been involved in had not brung about any change, I think he probably saw no other way than to lead the sabotage of military and government policies which eventually led to his imprisonment (I know that whilst Mandela was in prison,the party he was involved in did take part in events which unfortunately did involve civilian casualties, however Mandela did criticize these events).

In fear of getting too deep here....the purpose for this post was to bring to light these words from a poem which in the movie Mandela read during his prison stint (of 27 years) and passed onto the captain of the SA rugby team. (not sure how much truth in this) Point is-the words are true. Thats all there is too it.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

It gets me thinking....what I am doing to push my life forward in the direction I want it. Or more importantly, is there something I am doing which is either pulling me backwards on enforcing me to swim against the current?

I met with a very wise friend of mine yesterday and he spoke of the importance of the hamster wheel-or rather the importance of getting off that hamster wheel. We run run run and dont always take the time to pause. I was pleased when he mentioned this as this is something I have been privy to in recent months and am now actually making an effort to do this-to pause.

So how am I captaining my life?!
I am trying to be the best I can be-as a person.
Im trying to see the good in every person I come in to contact with.

And Im letting myself off the hamster wheel....

at least every once in a while.

February 13, 2010

good friends and blob days

What shall I blog about?

"Good friends and blob days," was Leahs instant reply.

Its what we have been doing all day. Apart from going to the gym this morning, throwing my washing on, and racing through the cleaning....

Then we parked up in front of the tv. Two games of rugby later, Wales v Scotland, Ireland v France, 2 fat people programmes later, one movie later, one birthday cake later, 2 coffees, breakfast (which was my lunch!) and dinner later, many yarns later, talks of what we are going to give up for lent later, and laughs later, and a little snow that even fluttered by later ... and now a bit later, another movie....
with my flatmates and my good buddy Charles.

I feel completely satisfied.

It has been the perfect lazy Sunday.

Except I have just realised its Saturday. And I still have a week of school holidays ahead of me.

And after the stress, pressure and tension of the past few weeks at school. Its even more perfect than I ever thought.

February 2, 2010

home sweet home

My flights are booked home!!!!!!!

Even though I was only just at home about 8-9 months ago, I will never ever doubt any decision to return home-whether it be for a holiday or to live. I love home, I love sitting in my house in St Clair and just that feeling of knowing I am in Dunedin, knowing I can drive around the road to see friends, knowing I can text my sisters and see them within 10 minutes and knowing I can just laze by the fire, be with my family, enjoy home cooked dinners and baking....and feel completely at peace.

But this time I am returning to all that, and more.

My Belinda is getting married!!

Along with Sars, Mish and Hails, I have been asked to be bridesmaid. And I know we all agree, it is going to be one very special day.

January 31, 2010

sweet treats

I LOVE baking. What do I love about it? I love the smell of things baking in the oven, I love licking the bowl and the spoons (naughty I know!) and I love seeing the finished product. I love fudge, I love scones, I love brownies, I love chocolate cake, I love lolly cake. But most of all, I love sharing. In fact, birthday cupcakes have become somewhat of my specialty (without being specialised in them!) and I barely ever try them myself. For me, the joy is not in eating my baking but in others enjoying my baking.

Right now, I have mastered baking cupcakes and decorating them. They look cute and they make people smile.

But I want to master the next level. I want them to taste DEVINE! My cupcakes usually (I think) look good (compared to a cupcake with nothing on top of it) and the focus has always been on the outside. But now I am actually trying to follow the recipes exactly, 2 stirs this way, one the other, room temperature milk etc etc. Its hard for me, as I am a mish mash baker...I throw things in willy nilly. And baking is more like science or mathematics really. It needs to be exact.

Anyway we will see how they go, Kate and Chloe have given me a cupcake recipe book and its just amazing. The decorations, the flavours, so many to try.

But until Ive mastered that, Im quite content with peoples smiles as a reflection on the baking.

Kate and her birthday cupcakes

Becs and the birthday cupcakes which were thrown together at the last minute after a failed cake attempt!

Wardy and Ange, double birthday cupcakes

Kelly and her surprise birthday cupcakes

Gutzie and the heart cake

Sarsy and more birthday cupcakes!

But making sweet treats is more fun when Ive got someone who loves them as much as me. My friend Kerry, I call her my sweet treat friend, we like sweet treats and coffee. But then again, who doesnt?! But she is still who I call my sweet treat friend though.
We have this amaaaaaaazing fudge recipe.

Mush up the biscuits.

Add the chocolate goodness.

Wolah! Delicious sweet treat.