April 3, 2011


I've just arrived back from a wee mini break in Wales hosted by the future Mr and Mrs Caldwell and I feel well and truly rested and revitalised. The fresh country air certainly works some wonders, as does just leaving the hustle and bustle of London for a few nights.

Its easy to choose what I liked best about the weekend-catching up with my dear friend Marli of course (although not easy considering I have all but lost my voice!). Except there was plenty more that I saw and experienced in Wales that also deserve a mention.

Driving through the countryside, I was in awe of its beauty. The sun was shining across the land,and certainly did make everything gleam in goodness and I couldn't help but wish I had my new camera to capture this scene in a way that my point and shoot never will! However the thought also crossed my mind that this is the kind of place that even whilst being lashed upon with rain, it would still retain some kind of charm. The green sprawling paddocks. The winding country backstreets, dotted with cottages. The geese, the tyre swing and the rows and rows of daffidols. Not to mention the beach. The beach and the lighthouse and the family playing a game of cricket. The blue sky. The sand. The fresh country air. The icecream truck.

I also got a pretty good taste of small town living. We were at the local on Friday night in which people were taking turns playing the piano and others were standing around having a right good sing along. And I'm not talking karaoke singing and half decent piano playing. Im talking raw talent and absolute passion. Music is in their blood in Wales and it shows. It was incredible to watch and to listen to. The locals were friendly and it was only a 3 pound fifty taxi fare there and back.

Such a great place and even better friends to be there with. I will most definitely return in the summer (with my new camera to hopefully to do this place justice).