May 3, 2010

lucky me

I'm going back to school tomorrow after being away for a month.

I remember when I first told my class I was going back to NZ, they were quite concerned about the possibility of me not coming back. Very cute, but I assured them I would be back.

Anyway I have a student teacher in my class and I was in touch with her today. I had been somewhat concerned about her starting off her final placement without yours truly present. But it seems she has enjoyed the chance to get to know the class, she thinks they are lovely (and she is not at all wrong there!) and said they are excited to have me back tomorrow. Truth is...I am so excited to see them too!!! And even when she let me know that I can take it easy tomorrow, spend time getting re-organised etc as she is teaching most of the day....I felt somewhat sad about not having that time with my class!

So im in two minds about my first day back tomorrow....
Im so happy to go back and see my amazing class
and Im actually a little bit sad to be partly handing over the reigns.

I must be the luckiest person in the world to love my job, or my class in this case, so much!