September 1, 2011

1 September....

....the only day of the year that I wake with a sick wee feeling in my tummy. Mums anniversary. I don't spend the day in tears (I do shed a few) I just think about her ALL day. Of course I think about my mum many other times during the year, but on the 1st of September, you can be guaranteed she is either at the forefront of my mind or just resting somewhere in the background.

Every year is tough. This year feels a wee bit tougher than last because we have two special wee boys in our family who mum would have loved and doted on.

But just like I can be assured of how I will feel each year on this day, I also know that every year the same people remember, the same people call, the same people text, the same people let you know that they love you and they, like you, will never forget. Its these people that make today bearable. Thank goodness for all these people xxxxx

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