January 7, 2012


So I've not posted in a wee while and I will get around to updating about Christmas, New Years, my amazing trip to Portugal AND I still want to post about my birthday!

But firstly....here's the first installment of 'Things I'm grateful for.' Just something I decided I would do each day as one of my New Years goals / resolutions ....ideas?! I like to think I do recognize many things each day I am grateful for, however nothing resonates more within me like writing them down. So here goes....

1 Jan

Sleeping right in the middle of a nice and cosy bed (hot water bottle included).

2 Jan

Flatmates that make a flat a home.

3 Jan

Good old fashioned letters. Nothing beats a bit of pen and paper.

4 Jan

Returning to work and having 27 wee smiling faces to greet me.

5 Jan

Left overs in the fridge. Makes dinner so much easier!

6 Jan


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  1. What a lovely idea Liv, I like this!