April 12, 2012

A little bit of faith goes a really really long way.

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I love this.

My friend gave me a wee book a while back called, 'Faith in the Valley. Lessons for Woman on the Journey to Peace.'

What I love MOST about it is the index which you use to search through the topics of the wee readings.
There are words which you can use to search, such as: courage, belief, impatience, denial, betrayal.
Or there are statements, such as: You've got to be kidding me! I don't want to go through this anymore! Tell me something I don't know! You make me sick!

Despite the hillarity of some of the indexes..flicking through to the corresponding page, there is always something quite poignant and thought provoking about a particular feeling, situation or emotion. Theres been many days I've kept this wee book in my handbag, simply because I love when I have a moment (usually on the tube!) to read one of the wee gems.

The one above was one of the first that I read and has remainded a steady favourite ever since. I'm not going to disect it for you, just read it, take it in.... and try to have a little faith next time a curve ball gets thrown your way (and by no means am I implying this is an easy feat!).

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