June 2, 2012

Reflecting ...

So i've just recently completed my Advanced Course at Landmark and am one seminar away from completing my 10 session long seminar series on 'Excellence.' And how do I feel? I.feel.amazing. In fact I told Charlotte that I was about an 11/10. Amazing.

To fill some of you in who will be unaware, the Advanced course was a Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10am - 11pm and a Tuesday evening. The focus of the Advanced course was very much on other people, how we are with others, how we listen to others, how are actions impact others and how we contribute to the wider world. (As opposed to the first weekend which was more to do with me directly, read here and here to find out more).

The Advanced course was a dramatic shift. I have become accutely aware of what it means to give my word to something. I have become accutely aware of the infinite amount of possibilities which are available to me, of giving my word to something and following this up with action. And I am completely inspired by all I can do with my life. Every day is an opportunity for growth and for challenge, and I intend to live, really live, every single day.

The changes in me since Landmark have been radical.

I no longer live in my feelings. I love my feelings because I love to be happy and share in others happiness (and a good cry is never a bad thing either!). However I now know to look at things factually . I feel so much more 'drama free' by simply acknowledging the facts and refraining from interpreting things or creating a story (or drama!) around it.

I listen to people differently. That wee voice in my head (what voice you ask yourself? Thats the voice!) is being repressed. This is not easy. But oh how I hear people differently when I clear this voice. The only voice I encourage is the voice of possibility.

The scariest thing for me is taking a stand for others. The disempowering way people talk about others really stands out for me like a red flashing light. I've talked to a few friends about this and taking a stand in these situations is going to be a very difficult one for me. I have spent most of my life not stepping on peoples toes. And this includes listening to them when they decide to be nasty about other people. Consequently, these people know me as someone who listens and probably more to the point, as someone who understands. This week, thinking about these disempowering words, has kept me awake at night (honestly!!!). I recognise that I need to either walk away and excuse myself from the situation, or simply let them know that its either an uncomfortable situation for me listening to this, or ask them to please refrain from speaking about others around me in this manner.

Its not going to make me friends (i dont think!). But I will sleep better at night (literally) in the knowledge that I have not entertained this kind of talk.

These are just a few of the radical changes.

As I shared with my 'Excellence' seminar participants, I felt I was pretty fine before I began Landmark. But since, I've recognised just how much better I can be. Just how much more extraordinary my life can be. And I think that is pretty incredible!

Hello Life. Can't wait to get so much more involved with you.

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