February 13, 2010

good friends and blob days

What shall I blog about?

"Good friends and blob days," was Leahs instant reply.

Its what we have been doing all day. Apart from going to the gym this morning, throwing my washing on, and racing through the cleaning....

Then we parked up in front of the tv. Two games of rugby later, Wales v Scotland, Ireland v France, 2 fat people programmes later, one movie later, one birthday cake later, 2 coffees, breakfast (which was my lunch!) and dinner later, many yarns later, talks of what we are going to give up for lent later, and laughs later, and a little snow that even fluttered by later ... and now a bit later, another movie....
with my flatmates and my good buddy Charles.

I feel completely satisfied.

It has been the perfect lazy Sunday.

Except I have just realised its Saturday. And I still have a week of school holidays ahead of me.

And after the stress, pressure and tension of the past few weeks at school. Its even more perfect than I ever thought.

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