March 21, 2010

My List

I began this list after I left Korea and I like to call it a 'fluid' list. Things come on, things come off....I am happy as long as there is always a list, be it small or large, for what is life if we are not striving for something?

Here goes....

1. Watch a live All Blacks game (tick, x3)
2. Hold a monkey
3. Own a house near the beach. or a mini farm. Sand or fields, I dont mind.
4. Get married
5. Have children
6. Volunteer in Africa
7. Finish my Postgraduate Diploma of Education
8. Travel through South America
9. Learn to cook
10. Have my own vegie garden
11. Compete in a duathlon
12. Bungy jump-tandem only
13. Listen to live saxophone music
14. Own a big white fluffy dog
15. Read the bible from start to finish
16. Fall in love
17. Make a pavlova
18. Do a jungle safari
19. Go cross country skiing (again)
20. Learn to crochet/knit my own hats
21. Run another half marathon and this time under 2 hours
22. Join the police force

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