March 7, 2010

A not so simple life

This has been a week of extremes!!!!!

School has bought tears, many tears.

How hard is that situation when you are doing all you can for the benefit of the child, yet for the fault of others above you, the parents cannot see the good they can only see the lack of paperwork which was not completed, by that person above you. We are bought up to respect our elders, and the person above me in this situation was one which I so greatly respected. So was I to point out to the parents and to the head teacher that he was in fact to blame? or was I to sit and foot the blame myself? Turns out I took the blame for months but the penny has finally dropped and I am in the clear. Still, should I have said something earlier? Instead of waiting for time to bring about the truth, instead of enduring nasty notes, and being scalded as if I was a child. Im still not sure.

Also I was bought to tears. I won't go into details but I will say that that golden rule, 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' will never grow out of fashion. And in my books, its number 1.

BUT! I met Boris Johnson! He is so witty, and so intelligant. And I have been buzzing all week since that moment! Kelly, Charles and I went to 'Question Time', it only happens twice a year, and the mayor and other politicians answer questions from the public about controversial issues. These issues included crime, the Olympics, transport, the environment etc etc. Did you know that London is actually safer than Amsterdam or Paris? I really wanted to meet Boris but seems so did everyone else there so we ended up leaving without getting a chance, but then who gets on the same tube as us?! Boris and about 7 other politicians. This was my moment!!! I politely introduced myself and asked him to be the prime minister of NZ. Himself and the other politicians found this greatly amusing and this led onto a conversation about Lord of the rings and Flight of the Concords. He was very friendly as were the other politicians. My class and I are going to write to him and lets hope he will come into school to see us!

The other great thing that happened this week was the most positive response I got from friends and other people wanting to be involved in the Relay for Life which I am entering a team into on 10 July. I won't go into details about this now but I am so happy that so many people are keen to join me on what I think will be a really moving experience, and all for such a worthwhile cause. I really feel overwhelmed with happiness at the responses I have received so far.

So thats my week. And thats just the majors. Including all the minors, one of them being parent teacher interviews, I am so happy that it is nearly over.

Lets hope this week is a little more simple. Simple would be just fine this week please.

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  1. Hi Olivia, I was one of the seven politicians with Boris on the train and I blog as well! I wrote up question time last week and considered including your encounter with Boris - but I erred on the side of discretion...

    Boris has a very busy diary, as I'm sure you can imagine, so he might struggle to find time to visit your school. Meanwhile, if you and your colleagues want a tour of City Hall I would be happy to arrange it.