April 19, 2010

Hagwells . . .

These are the favours from the Hagwells wedding.
Not only are they scrumptiously cute but they are deliciously tasty too.
And they symbolise one of the most amazing days ever.


Being my best friends head bridesmaid - an incredible honour.

I heart the Hagwells. So much! And am so incredibly happy for them.

The lead up...the hens party, getting ready with some of my bestest friends-prettied up by the make up artist and hairdresser, painting each others nails, having a wee wine to relieve the nerves, the range of emotions, excitement, butterflies, the sunshine and the arrival of Baby Hag (the cutest thing ever) plus seeing Bee in her wedding dress and the look on her face - she looked so ready for this day and moment.

Spending time with so many wonderful people and getting to know the people in the Hagwells life.

Traveling around the world doesn't have many downfalls (except when volcanoes erupt) but it does mean missing out on some things.....now I know names and faces, and not only that, I feel a part of the Hagwells life so much more.

This trip home has been overwhelmingly special, in so many ways.

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