April 21, 2010

One News

Lots of people have been asking me what I am doing with my time now that I suddenly have plenty of it up my sleeve. Truth is, I am spending my days waiting for news broadcasts, scanning the internet, and searching google for updates on Heathrow. I know exactly what is happening with the airports in most parts of Europe, how much it has cost the airlines and even how long this volcano erupted for last time. The one thing I don't know, is how much more this volcano will have an affect on my travels.

Today I had this conversation on skype after I had admitted what I had been doing for that past couple of days:

Livi: Sorry can I call you back in 10 minutes?

Cookie: Why...? Are you going to watch the news?

Livi: (sheepishly) Yes...

Cookie: (chuckling) You do know theres news on the internet aye?

Livi: Yes, but I just trust it more when I hear it.

And I do trust One News, all be it a bit too much?! I trust that what I am hearing is the most accurate and up to date information that they could broadcast. It makes more sense to me even then reading the BBC website which is really at the hub of all this commotion. But as soon as I mention how much I trust them, I realise how vulnerable that makes me....how can one have that much trust in the media?!

I have also been getting up early and switching on the Breakfast show (this morning my alarm when off at 6.45am). But I can't pretend thats just to do with the volcano...I love Paul Henry. He makes me laugh. And that's just what I need at the moment!

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