October 16, 2010


Major events have been unfolding around me of late.

Congratulations Mr Gareth and Mrs Charlotte Davies. Oooooh it feels so odd to call my wee sister a Mrs! Beautiful wedding and amazing scenary for the photos. Charlotte looked like a mermaid except much much more glamerous. It was a spectacular day.

I am becoming aunty again...twice over! Georgie is due on Feb 4 (I am crossing all fingers and toes that I get to meet the wee one before I fly out of NZ on Feb 7!). Charlotte is due April. Big year for the Weavers!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Greig! And welcome to the world wee Ryder Patrick. I can't wait to meet you in Feb!

My bestie Bee & Shaun are due for their 2nd wee one in Jan. Fingers are crossed again that I will be there to meet this little one and also give Claudia a massive squeeze as she is the most scrumptious little girl ever.

Its 103 sleeps till I am reunited with my bestie Becs. I am excited beyond imagination.
Its 105 sleeps till she will become Mrs Gulliver. I will be so proud to be by her side.

Charles rang me on Thursday because 'he had something really exciting that he just had to share with someone' so naturally the thoughts of marriage and babies went through my mind. Congratulations Charles on your new Iphone 4. I hope it brings you great happiness.

Me. I have 30 new year 4 students. Hard work, I repeat myself like a parrot all day and have to put up with comments such as, 'Miss Weaver, your hair looks messy today' but still I would not trade in my job for the world. I love it.
Plus I have finished my Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching after 3 years of cramming study into my life around work and travel. So so pleased to have done it but so so pleased that its all done.
I am still crocheting. My scarf is nearly complete and as I get nearer and nearer to the end I am finding it more and more difficult to put down my crochet hook.

Life is good. Let us celebrate the majors and the minors.

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