March 5, 2011

Christchuch on my mind

The earthquake has hit NZ hard.
The weight is on our buildings, our roads, our schools, our parks, and sadly our precious people. The weight is perhaps heaviest on our hearts.

Even for those of us who are not directly affected by the earthquake, each one of us is in mourning.
NZ is a small country, and Christchurch only feels down the road for many of us.
They are our next door neighbours.
We all know people who live there.
We all know of someone who has lost their lives or someone else who has lost someone dearly close to them.

We feel Christchurchs' pain as if it was our own.
We imagine the terror of the 22 Feb.
We imagine waiting at home for loved ones to return.
We imagine the road to recovery, to normality.
Our hearts go out to these people.

Events such as these remind me why I am so proud and priveledged to be a NZer.
The support, the love, the comradery.
Being at the Westminster Cathedral in London was another reminder of why I feel like this. 5000 people turned up at the Prayer Vigil and nearly 30,000 pounds was raised for the people of Christchurch.
This was possibly the greatest show of support which we could show NZ from all of us here in London.

We all feel so far away, so removed, so helpless and yet so numbed by the pain and tragedy of this event.

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  1. Beautiful. I saw the Church service on the news, it looked amazing x