March 3, 2012

Am I honest?

So I just want to clear something up. Despite my last post - I definitely engage in honest relationships with those people around me. Talking is my favourite form of therapy, hence the reason why I share with those around me whether I be feeling happy, upset, anxious, excited or otherwise. I expose my faults and my flaws and I celebrate my strengths. My family and friends know pretty much anything that happens in my life. And while thats hardest with my dad (lets face it, whose parents want to hear when they are heartbroken) its also not hard, because my dad is receptive and loving (AND I LOVE HIM!).

So what have I learnt? I have learnt that I am not always 100% honest with myself. This is a problem and I know I'm not alone on perfecting this ability. We humans, if we want something bad enough, we are able to convince ourselves that the position we find ourselves in will work itself out. That guy who doesn't quite fit the ticklist, he has this, he has that....then he fits. Same goes for jobs, friends, you name it. Its never our fault and we are never wrong. Never. We are able to trick ourselves into thinking everything is okay. That other people who point these things out to us are wrong also. And we are right about that. Never ever wrong.

But heres the thing. We know and realise when things fall apart in most avenues - that we in fact knew this was destined to happen all along. Yip thats right, we can have honest relationships with the people in our lives, but when it comes to us, to number 1 - why is it we don't follow these same principles?

The same goes for Integrity. All integrity is is KEEPING YOUR WORD. Yes, you very well may be reading this and thinking - 'I have integrity! I keep my word! I follow things through.'
But give this time to sink in. Keeping your word.

Do you keep your word to yourself? Think about it.
Do you spring out of bed in the morning when your alarm goes off for the gym? Or do you hit snooze and roll over?
Do you promise to never allow yourself to be treated with less that 100% love and respect? Or do you slowly but surely, drop your standards?
Do you tell yourself, tomorrow you'll quit your job? Tomorrow you'll make that phone call? Tomorrow you'll change your life? Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Its easy to keep your word to others. Its harder to keep your word with yourself.
Its easy to be honest with others. Its harder again, to be honest with yourself.

Its not hard to change this though, the first step is recognising these notions. The next is keeping them in mind during your day to day life.

Honesty and Integrity. Its what its all about.

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