March 11, 2012

I am....

Two of the most powerful words in the English dictionaries.

I am sensitive.

That has been my thing and these words have helped create my existence.

I have spent multiple years not just excusing myself to others for being sensitive, but telling myself I am sensitive. I've called myself into the realm of being sensitive. The more I told myself and others I was sensitive, the more and more sensitive I became. Associated with sensitive is fragile and associated with fragile is weak. And so by calling myself sensitive, I have now deemed myself as fragile and weak (subconsciously?).
Why did I do 'I am sensitive?' Quite possibly because I was looking to be cared for and wrapped up in cotton wool.

Am I sensitive? - no, Am I fragile? - no, Am I weak? - most certainly not!

I CAN be all these things as I'm a human being who reacts to how I feel. I can be all these things because I care about others feelings, I'm not afraid to cry, to feel hurt, or to acknowledge when things have defeated me.

But I am actually a very strong woman!

And by using these very powerful words, I will be able to bring myself and my life into a new realm of existence and open the door to a whole world of opportunities.

Think about the language you use to describe yourself.
And I dare you to also think about how why you do your 'I am.....'

For making this realization, I will not become a different person.
I will simply choose my word with more precision for I am aware of how powerful our words are.

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  1. Very honest. Very lovely blog. I love you.