January 24, 2010

Heated discussions

A couple of very treasured friends of mine challenged me this week.

I can't say I particularly enjoyed the challenge (or perhaps the honesty) however in their opinions, I am lucky to have friends who will do just that.
And they are right. There are people everywhere who are all to quick to nod in agreement and on the same scale, there are those who are all to quick to pick apart. Questioning and challenging involves listening and thinking. And I like friends who do this. I also appreciate honestly.

So the contentious topic and challenge centred around blogging. This led to a most heated discussion between the table. One in which I sat and listened, thought, left thinking about, talked about and thought about some more. Comments were made such as, "writing a blog implies you are worthy of being read," and, "there are plenty of intelligant people who would never write a blog". Also, "there is a certain level of confidence one must have in themselves to publish ones own thoughts on such a open site."
Im not sure a consensus was reached on this topic. But there was understanding gained between the parties. These understandings were:

1. My blog is for me. I'm a social person, a people person, I like to talk, and I like to share. Sharing is one of my therapies. And because this blog is firstly for me, I will no longer send it via email.

2. But because I know some people are interested in my tales and my thoughts, and because I like to share, I will continue to write this blog. Those who are interested will read.

3. As an exception to understanding number 3, my family will still receive my blog via email. Because family don't get to choose whether they listen to me or not, even when I am over the other side of the world!

4. Name change. Not mine-my blog. From Livi blogs, to The Blog Weaver.

Thanks must go to my treasured friends. Friends that challenge, friends that listen, friends that think (and friends im sure will follow regardless of email notifications!).


  1. Wow - I've never have anyone I know make comments like that...which leads me to wonder, is my circle of friends of a different variety in that they are pro-blogging...or is it that they are a different variety in that they haven't said what they are thinking? Hmmm. Either way, I think it's great your friends feel they can be frank...but EVEN GREATER that you were able to listen, but still stick at something you've decided to give a whirl.

    Personally, I think it's awesome when you are pleasantly surprised by the level of support you receive for an undertaking rather than challenged for it...

    I used to tease the concept of blogs...and now I find myself flattered when someone asks why I haven't posted for days. Times change. :P

  2. Personally, I find these comments quite odd. My way of thinking about blogging is completely different. I've been blogging for 7 years now, always anonymously (which means that it's written under a nickname, with no photos of me), but I've met several of my readers in person and some cool friendships have developed out of this. For me blogging is a means of personal expression - my feelings and all that stuff. Now it's also a means of communication with some friends. It makes it possible to write/say things which are difficult or even impossible to write/say otherwise, and there are some people who comment on it and give the blogger a new perspective on what he/she writes. Yeah... that's more or less how I see it.

  3. Hmmm.. interesting... challenge is right! I think a little mean also. You are not claiming to be an uber-intelligent human that all of the free world should read. You are writing a blog that your loved ones appreciate and enjoy xo