January 16, 2010

Hello 2010!

Its taken me all of 16 days to get my blog up and running which was my first goal for 2010 so thought it was only right that I began my blog with my goals for the year.

1. Write a blog. About anything and everything.

2. Basic real woman stuff 101. This includes sewing buttons/zips, learning how to crochet and knit so I can make scarfs and one of my favourite things- hats. And I plan on experimenting with cooking-one new dish a week.

3. Run another half marathon. And hopefully do it under 2 hours.

4. And something for someone else.....yet to be decided. Maybe the Cancer Research 24 hour relay?

2009 was absolutely superb. 2010 can only be better!


  1. LOVE the blog Livi! So glad you are here and I also love your goals. I decided the other day that I wanted to do something for someone else too, so am going to become a regular blood donor! Love you xoxo

  2. Bee told me about you. Welcome to the world, missy moo! The interwebs embrace you! Har har, I say that as though I am the ambassador of them. I'm pretty sure if I was that I'd be loaded. I'm not.

    I love the look of your little space. Good goin'! See ya 'round!