January 31, 2010

sweet treats

I LOVE baking. What do I love about it? I love the smell of things baking in the oven, I love licking the bowl and the spoons (naughty I know!) and I love seeing the finished product. I love fudge, I love scones, I love brownies, I love chocolate cake, I love lolly cake. But most of all, I love sharing. In fact, birthday cupcakes have become somewhat of my specialty (without being specialised in them!) and I barely ever try them myself. For me, the joy is not in eating my baking but in others enjoying my baking.

Right now, I have mastered baking cupcakes and decorating them. They look cute and they make people smile.

But I want to master the next level. I want them to taste DEVINE! My cupcakes usually (I think) look good (compared to a cupcake with nothing on top of it) and the focus has always been on the outside. But now I am actually trying to follow the recipes exactly, 2 stirs this way, one the other, room temperature milk etc etc. Its hard for me, as I am a mish mash baker...I throw things in willy nilly. And baking is more like science or mathematics really. It needs to be exact.

Anyway we will see how they go, Kate and Chloe have given me a cupcake recipe book and its just amazing. The decorations, the flavours, so many to try.

But until Ive mastered that, Im quite content with peoples smiles as a reflection on the baking.

Kate and her birthday cupcakes

Becs and the birthday cupcakes which were thrown together at the last minute after a failed cake attempt!

Wardy and Ange, double birthday cupcakes

Kelly and her surprise birthday cupcakes

Gutzie and the heart cake

Sarsy and more birthday cupcakes!

But making sweet treats is more fun when Ive got someone who loves them as much as me. My friend Kerry, I call her my sweet treat friend, we like sweet treats and coffee. But then again, who doesnt?! But she is still who I call my sweet treat friend though.
We have this amaaaaaaazing fudge recipe.

Mush up the biscuits.

Add the chocolate goodness.

Wolah! Delicious sweet treat.


  1. Iiiii've never had brownies or cupcakes :( There are no boys being given baked love. SEXIST!

  2. Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Make your birthday hurry up and I promise you will get something delicious, promise! : ) by the way-i remember you escaping London for your birthday and not allowing me to celebrate with you? of course if you had have been there you would have gotten something AMAZING! :)

  3. Your are cute! I hope one day soon my birthday falls when you are in the country!! :) xo