November 6, 2011

A birthday week a wee bit different

This year has certainly been a different kind of birthday for me.

I LOVED my day however theres this rule in my world, and its that birthdays are meant to last more than one day, I say a month but in fact a birthday week is fine(and this rule applies for all of you-not just for me!).

So that was what this week was meant to be for me, Birthday Week! Except for a nasty wee virus struck me, and not only did I spend 3 days on the couch in my uggs, with my hottie, watching gossip girl amongst other trashy shows....I missed out on the league at Wembley Stadium and I POSTPONED my birthday celebrations. Postponed!

However my health really does come first, and after being sick for quite a few weeks now I am more aware of this than ever. But suprisingly amongst the tears, the sickness and the disappointment that came with this week, there were so many little things I will always treasure from my birthday and the other days that made up my birthday week flatmates singing happy birthday outside my bedroom at 7.15am with a cake, breakfast prepared and waiting on the bench for me, vino with some of my girls in the evening, the christmas lights being switched on 'just for me' (thanks Kate!), flowers and visits from friends (and this isn't always just around the corner like in NZ!), cards and special wee notes, phonecalls from NZ and aussie, and messages from all over asking if they can bring me any goodies while I was sick. People are amazing, and I know the people around me are especially amazing.

My stepmum emails me every week and always attaches a quote to her emails. I always look forward to getting wee bits of news from home and I love reading the quotes. My birthday quote was this:

Wear it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.

I absolutely love this. And this is how I want my life to be.

Not every day can be my birthday (unfortunately) but every day can be a happy one. Every day can be the best day of the year. It really can.

(Note: Written during birthday week except posted a wee bit later.)

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  1. Amazing lights! Hope you are feeling better my dear Liv! XXX