November 29, 2011

Love on the Transplant List

Now I don't watch much TV at all....but after reading about 'Love on the transplant list' in the paper and hearing people at school talking about it today, I was inspired to have some couch time and hopefully see some good tv.

However I was not expecting to lay down to relax and end up spending an hour fighting back tears. This is exactly what I did.

'Love on the transplant list' is a documentary about a young 21 year old girl living with Cystic Fibrosis and waiting for an urgently needed lung transplant. To cut a long story short, she does eventually get the lung transplant but only after coming incredibly dangerously close to death. It was a real tear jerker, especially as she had to fight off life threatening infections in the few days leading up to her wedding, the day of her wedding and then immediately afterwards.

For me, watching this documentary provided me with 2 things to think about...

Firstly it highlighted the importance of organ donors.
For many of us going about our daily lives, we are unaware of how many people are waiting for life saving organ transplants. But for families and individuals experiencing this wait, it is a very real and very serious issue.

Secondly, it was a good reminder about the importance or should I say un-importance of the things we worry about. I know our worries are relative to us and our lives and what may be going on for us, but knowing that I live a very happy and full life, the things I worry about (which thankfully isn't usually much)....they really are usually quite irrelevant. I like to be reminded of this, because I like to be appreciative and thankful of all I have got.

I'm pleased I took time to watch this documentary for both of these reasons. I could have done without the tears, but is really, rather good.


  1. Thank you Liv, this advise came exactly when it was needed! And I am so glad to hear that your life is good!!!