June 20, 2010


I'm so sick of people writing off the All Whites without giving them a chance. Yes the odds are against them but isn't this pressure creating diamonds! (quote courtesy of Leah) I heard the commentary this morning during an earlier game, and I believe the words were along the lines of, 'Italy will beat NZ this afternoon.' The game was amazing, the atmosphere in the room was INTENSE, we were literally sitting on the edges of our seats, and that goal that NZ scored.....complete exhilaration. We scored against the winners of the last world cup. Can't wait to read the headlines tomorrow. Bet they wont be predicting a loss against our next game Uraguay on Thursday.

Another diamond. A friend who will know who he is when he reads this. He comes along to our poker nights every week without fail. He manned the bucket at our Ascot after party last night, even had it out on the street. Then he made sure it got home safely. But apart from his support of our relay team...he is quite simply a diamond of a friend. Hes that friend that you would call should you only have one call left and you would trust your life in his hands. Hes reliable and in the words of others: dependable, informative, witty, 'study as a rock' and his enthusiasm is infectious. Someone said they have never seen him angry and come to think of it....neither have I! Such a diamond (and a pretty good basketball player too).

We raised 400 pounds through our Ascot after party last night. Such a good effort by some of the girls who did all the organising, and promoting, and means we are now nearly up to 600 pounds in total, well on the way to our 1000 pound target. So pleased. So so pleased.

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