June 29, 2010

oh how I love summer in London

Last Wednesday someone asked me what my plans for the weekend were, my reply was something along the lines of my mind being so preoccupied with the stress associated with observations and inspectors that week, that I had not had a moment or even the interest to think about the weekend. So with that in mind, heres how the past weekend developed..

Friday night.. we headed along to Hyde Park to sit in the sun outside Hard Rock Calling, and enjoy the sweet sounds of Ben Harper (Bee you were on my mind!!) and Pearl Jam. Well....how this all changed when we were all offered free tickets (the lady very nearly took them back when she saw the questioning look in our eyes) .. Right place right time! So we downed our drinks, ate our food and proceeded through the gates...all be it somewhat hesitantly, I mean....was this seriously for real? Well, the atmosphere was unreal, festival like....happy people everywhere, the happiest of all? Probably us. Even though I'm not a Pearl Jam fan, I could definitely appreciate the talent and appreciate how much everyone around me was in awe of him. AND the fact that there were plenty more outside the gates, who would love to be in my position.Next up, Saturday....we decided to head down to Wimbledon and chance our luck at getting in there. Well after 2 hours and 15 minutes, and a massive feat by me, the lady of no lines, we were in. And well...what an event. A definitely different fan base than the football I've been glued to recently. Such a spectacle, and just thinking to myself, 'I'm at Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis event in the world...and little old me from the other side of the world is here.' We were even offered (yes, offered!) tickets to centre court, but we passed them on to our good friends who love tennis a great deal more than I. It was only fair, and i'm sure my time will come!

This is Lindsey Davenport (for those of you who don't know) ex Wimbledon winner.

Summer in London is here, and now I remember why I love London so much.

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