June 12, 2010

new things

I imagine that in years to come when people ask me how my life was in London my reply will be "Busy...crazy busy" however in all reality, I will probably forget the busy and only remember the fun.
So this busy, its meant less time to communicate with all those people I love to communicate so often and so much with. So heres me, outlining the main events over the past month or so since I have been back from NZ.

Flights are booked- back to Sydney for Charlotte & Gareths wedding. AND I am stopping for a few nights in Brisbane to see Matt, Becssss and the kids. I can't wait. I haven't seen them since I stopped there on my way back to Korea. And that is far too long ago.
Summer plans- me, Kelly and Monique are flying to Bulgaria. We are tripping around the beaches there where there are apparently cocktails on the beach for 2 euro and soaking up the sunshine. Charles will join us there! Then the 4 of us are training/busing and whatever other means of transporting we can find...ourselves to Croatia where we will board our boat for the week. Sailing around the islands by day, pulling up to land by night. More sunshine soaking and I imagine plenty more cocktails.

Study....plodding along. I just got an A and feel more motivated now to continue but its so darn hard!!! Especially on top of school and life.

I baked a carrot cake!!!! It was a special someones birthday and carrot cake was the request. So I was busy using google to find the best recipe and remembered Maree giving me her amazing recipe when I was back home. So away I went......unfortunately it didn't rise so wonderfully but with some creative and inventive cutting and folding and icing, I had a delicious two tier carrot cake. And it was delicious! (Not in competition with yours though Maree!)

School is school. I still love my class but having had a student teacher for the past 5 weeks, I have had to hand over a lot of control and a substantial part of my heart. You would think having had this extra help school would be a breeze? Um no. Reports, Planning, Observations (both me doing the observations and being observed) covering other classes and teaches. Yip, no, not a breeze.

London Rugby Sevens. Sunshine, Beer, good quality rugby and a pirates costume. What more could be asked for. Fantastic day.

Football world cup. Possibly in NZ you could be excused from ignoring the hype, but here.....its a must to know and a must to be enthused. I'm supporting NZ of course but after discussion with Nic and Kerrys family, I am aligning myself also with England (for obvious reasons). First game for me to view is tonight. Come on England!!

I'm still playing touch rugby and netball. Loving the touch (possibly because my team is awesome) but not so much the netball (possibly for the opposite reason of why I love touch). Both good for the exercise and being outside on these beautiful summer evenings.

Apart from these majors, life is the same. And I love it.

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