June 13, 2010

Relay for Life

The countdown to the Relay for Life is on.

On July 10-11, our team will be walking around a track for 22 hours.
At all times at least 2 of us must be on the track, so during the day we will be enjoying the sun, the people, the stalls, the bands and other activities, and by night we will be waking each other up from our tents...to walk the track.
All in aid of Cancer research and awareness.

We have organised 2 fundraising events.
The first this weekend is an Ascot After Party. Our venue holds 120 and we are getting buses coming back from the races to stop first at our venue......should be a great reunion of Kiwis!
The second is in the first weekend of July and is an Old School Sports Day. We are dressing up in old school sports gear (the pink and black striped unitard will come out!) and organising people into teams to compete in lots of fun events including sack races and egg and spoon races. Shall be fun!

I am completely blown away by the support from my team. Taking on this event has proved a challenge and coming back from NZ I felt slightly overwhelmed at the fundraising and rallying people along that lay ahead.....our goal is to raise 1000 pounds. But upon getting the ball rolling, some of the other team members have completely stepped up and taken on the challenge of creating awesomely fun events that will get others involved. Such good friends. And superb team mates.

Each week we are also running poker evenings at our flat...a percentage of the money going to the 1st and 2nd place winners and another percentage to our fundraising venture.

So now fingers and toes are crossed that our events go off without a hitch, people have a great time and most importantly we raise some good money for an extremely good cause.

For those of you in the UK, you can help support our team by making a contribution on our fundraising page.


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